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Why Paint Line University?

Learn. Share. Solve.

We launched Paint Line University to deliver expert, specific pretreatment training.

Our classroom portal provides a place where teams can share, ask and collaborate with industry experts and colleagues.


Learn pretreatment basics, advanced troubleshooting and best practices.


Meet, share and brainstorm with industry colleagues.

Solution Squad Access

Get your toughest questions answered by the Solution Squad during online office hours.

Upskill your pretreatment training with short courses taught by the Circle-Prosco Solution Squad™

Pretreatment 101​

Course covers the basics of pretreatment, including its importance, key concepts, and common techniques.

Pretreatment Chemistry​

Course breaks down the fundamental principles and techniques of pretreatment chemistry, including surface preparation and treatment methods.

Finishing System Design​

Course expands on six key factors that must be considered when designing a finishing system to ensure a clean surface for coating.

And More...


 Curriculum Overview

  • Welcome to Paint Line University
  • Meet Your Instructors
  • Why Pretreat?
  • Bringing Paint In-house
  • Introduction to Pretreatment Chemistry
  • Impacts of Pretreatment Types
  • Can Zirconium Run on Mixed Metals?
  • Steelcote in the Real World
  • Zirconium Myths
  • Finishing System Design
  • System Design Considerations
  • Cleaning & Rising
  • How to tell if You have Clean Part
  • Importance of Rinsing
  • Water and Finishing Systems
  • Nozzle Setup and Nozzle Types
  • Dealing with soils and contamination
  • Process Control & Troubleshooting
  • Titrations – pH, conductivity, line controls
  • Chemical Control
  • Cost Saving Hacks
  • Intro to Cost Savings
  • Chemistry
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Maintenance Quality & Throughput
  • Resources
  • Paint Line Curriculum

The Solution Squad™. Seen it. Solved it.

CPI’s Solution Squad works with clients like you everyday to solve the toughest pretreatment problems. And we have seen first-hand the need to provide better learning and support to paint-line teams. 

Learning and troubleshooting from the industry experts at Circle-Prosco.

50+ years in the paint pretreatment business

Billions of SF of metal coated in pretreatment and conversion coating lines

IATF 16949 Certification

116 years of combined experience in the laboratory and field

Six Sigma problem solving capability

Meet your Solution Squad™ instructors.

With over 50 years of combined experience in commercial paint line and pretreatment applications, our team of industry experts have designed a comprehensive curriculum that takes you from pretreatment basics to a master in finishing systems.

Morgan Fraga

Process Optimization Expert

Director of Customer Service and Solutions at Circle-Prosco. She has been passionate about process optimization since she presented a Taguchi method experiment to optimize pie crust as her fifth-grade science fair project.

Jeff Blain

Pretreatment & Manufacturing Expert

Regional Manager at Circle-Prosco. Resourceful manufacturing nut that loves to meet new people, learn about their processes, and develop creative solutions to move them forward. His kids call him MacGyver for a reason, and as you can see it's not about the mullet.

Erik Reinhart

Appliance & Agricultural Equipment Coatings Expert

Senior Account Manager for Circle-Prosco with a focus in the appliance and agricultural equipment industries. He has learned that once you enter the coatings industry, you just never leave it, but instead spend your time gathering experience and knowledge with the hope that one day you can transfer that knowledge to others.

Mike Pypiak

Chemical Pretreatment & Technical Service Expert

Key Account Manager for Circle-Prosco responsible for business development and technical service, focusing on chemical pretreatment. Mike was recently honored the 40 under 40 Products Finishing award. A decade of hands-on experience serving a variety of industries enables him to be an asset to his customers. Whether it is creating ways to reduce operating costs or troubleshooting on the line, Mike can guide you through the process.

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