How to Choose an Industrial Coatings Company

Jeff Blain of Circle-Prosco Inc.

Seeking a new pretreatment supplier? Jeff Blain of Circle-Prosco Inc. discusses considerations you should keep in mind when making this important decision. As Stephen Covey wrote, “Begin with the end in mind.” Why are you considering a new pretreatment supplier? To answer that effectively, ask yourself, “what is the problem that I am trying to […]

Zirconium Pretreatment Offers Simplicity and Performance

Example of equipment that typically needs industrial coating

Pretreatment supplier explores industrial, agricultural markets for phosphate-free solution. When you have a process that works, there’s often an opportunity that it might prove beneficial to others as well. That simple notion has guided an Indiana-based pretreatment supplier and finisher on its 50-year road to expansion and success. Circle-Prosco (Bloomington, Ind.), got its start in […]

Douglas Parker on Phosphate Free Coatings and More

Douglas Parker, owner of pretreatment, lubricant and cleaner business Circle-Prosco

Douglas Parker is the owner and president of Circle-Prosco (Bloomington, Ind.), a family-owned pretreatment and coating operation celebrating its 50th year anniversary. Formed by Parker’s father-in-law, Conrad Kuzma, Circle-Prosco started out in the automotive heat exchange industry during a time when the industry was shifting to use a lot of aluminum — which prompted the […]

Optimizing Ecoat With Zirconium Pretreatment

Darren Howard of Circle-Prosco on how zirconium pretreatments benefits ecoat

Darren Howard of Circle-Prosco discusses the ways zirconium pretreatments can provide a variety of benefits to your ecoat line. In today’s metal finishing environment, it can seem like there is constant pressure to do more with less. How can you meet the competing demands of cost savings objectives, regulatory changes, customer specification requirements, and unstable […]

Conversion To New Nonphosphate Pretreatment Technology

A study in the proper approach to convert a powder line from iron phosphate to fluorozirconic, or, TMC metal preparation. Click here to read more… Read more about our process here. Have a problem you need solved? Contact us today.