A history of solving our customers' hardest problems with chemistry innovationS

At CPI we have a history of looking for trouble. It’s why we’re the best kept secret of some of the biggest brands on the planet. When things go wrong — the kind of things you need to fix fast and solve for good — our phone rings. If MacGyver was a chemist, he’d work for CPI.

Introducing Paint Line University

We’re avid learners and teachers here at CPI, so we’ve been thinking for a long time about gaps in traditional pretreatment training.  On-the-job training, industry associations, corporate learning and even

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Corrosion protection from Circle Prosco

Gates Air & Circle-Prosco

Gates Air wanted to simplify their process. Circle-Prosco delivered. “In the lab trials and evaluation process, it quickly became clear that Circle-Prosco chemistry was better than the rest. My production

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