Gates Air & Circle-Prosco

Gates Air & Circle-Prosco

Gates Air wanted to simplify their process. Circle-Prosco delivered. “In the lab trials and evaluation process, it quickly became clear that Circle-Prosco chemistry was better than the rest. My production results matched the lab trials. That’s what everyone is looking for — a process that delivers the intended results.”


Hello, my name is Ben Robinson and I manage sheet metal and machining production here at Gates Air in Quincy, Illinois. A while back I was really just wanting to look and change my conversion coat process to a new chemistry and in doing that I was introduced to Circle Prosco. I was looking for three things. I wanted a less hazardous process, I wanted fewer process steps and I wanted increased corrosion protection from what I previously had. And really when you think about those three things that’s really a tall order. In the lab trials and in the evaluation process, it quickly became clear that Circle Prosco’s chemistry was just better than the rest, so we made the decision to change over this process.

One of the first things I noticed after we had changed this over was my production results matched the lab trials and really that’s what everybody is looking for a process that gives the intended results. It’s consistent, it’s reliable, it’s dependable. The chemistry is impressive in addition. The people were all so impressive in this changeover process. In this changeover process there were no fewer than six different Circle Prosco employees that came during the evaluation. They were evaluating, they were reviewing, and they were ensuring that my process was a success. That’s exactly what happened – we had Circle Prosco in these various tanks helping us get to the point where we can load a new chemical.

The eye opener for me after the change we had a unique issue show up. It was on a Monday and we all looked at each other and said you know we can tweak the chemistry and we can do a better job. The team from Circle Prosco went back to the lab and by Thursday, new chemistry was in this vat right here and the problem was solved. They generated a brand-new chemistry for me not once but twice. We had a scale issue as well and they went back to the lab, said we can fix this, and they generated another chemistry just for my process. 

So you sit there and you think “well he’s got to be this huge customer that they’re doing all this for him.”  I am not, I am a small potatoes guy. I’m probably one of their smallest accounts. I’m a little guy in the Midwest with a conversion coat process that they wanted to ensure succeeded and that’s exactly what happened. When it comes to Circle Prosco, the chemistry is impressive, and the people are impressive. Give them a look.

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