Introducing Paint Line University

We’re avid learners and teachers here at CPI, so we’ve been thinking for a long time about gaps in traditional pretreatment training.  On-the-job training, industry associations, corporate learning and even Youtube videos, all serve a purpose in upskilling paint line teams. But in our Solution Squad’s work with clients, most of which is in the […]

Zirconium Pretreatment Offers Simplicity and Performance

Example of equipment that typically needs industrial coating

Pretreatment supplier explores industrial, agricultural markets for phosphate-free solution. When you have a process that works, there’s often an opportunity that it might prove beneficial to others as well. That simple notion has guided an Indiana-based pretreatment supplier and finisher on its 50-year road to expansion and success. Circle-Prosco (Bloomington, Ind.), got its start in […]

Douglas Parker on Phosphate Free Coatings and More

Douglas Parker, owner of pretreatment, lubricant and cleaner business Circle-Prosco

Douglas Parker is the owner and president of Circle-Prosco (Bloomington, Ind.), a family-owned pretreatment and coating operation celebrating its 50th year anniversary. Formed by Parker’s father-in-law, Conrad Kuzma, Circle-Prosco started out in the automotive heat exchange industry during a time when the industry was shifting to use a lot of aluminum — which prompted the […]

Optimizing Ecoat With Zirconium Pretreatment

Darren Howard of Circle-Prosco on how zirconium pretreatments benefits ecoat

Darren Howard of Circle-Prosco discusses the ways zirconium pretreatments can provide a variety of benefits to your ecoat line. In today’s metal finishing environment, it can seem like there is constant pressure to do more with less. How can you meet the competing demands of cost savings objectives, regulatory changes, customer specification requirements, and unstable […]

Conversion To New Nonphosphate Pretreatment Technology

A study in the proper approach to convert a powder line from iron phosphate to fluorozirconic, or, TMC metal preparation. Click here to read more… Read more about our process here. Have a problem you need solved? Contact us today.

Meet the Solution Squad at FABTECH

Meet the Solution Squad at FABTECH

Give us your toughest chemistry problem. At CPI we have a history of looking for trouble. It’s why we’re the best kept secret of some of the biggest brands on the planet. When things go wrong — the kind of things you need to fix fast and solve for good — our phone rings. If […]

Gates Air & Circle-Prosco

Corrosion protection from Circle Prosco

Gates Air wanted to simplify their process. Circle-Prosco delivered. “In the lab trials and evaluation process, it quickly became clear that Circle-Prosco chemistry was better than the rest. My production results matched the lab trials. That’s what everyone is looking for — a process that delivers the intended results.” Transcript: Hello, my name is Ben […]

Get A Free Paint Line Troubleshooting Video Call With Our Solution Squad

We love a good problem. Our Solution Squad is ready to help you overcome any paintline challenge that you face. No sales. Just service. And you don’t have to be a CPI customer. We started doing this as a response to Covid in 2020, and it was so successful we’re keeping it going. Transcript: Hi, […]

Titration Tutorial For Steelcote™ and More

Titration tutorial

Don’t let the name fool you. Titration is not as hard as it sounds. Rashid breaks down the process in this short video so you can get the readings you need in no time. Impress your boss and coworkers with your chemistry magic. Go ahead, we won’t tell. Read more about our process here. Have […]

How To Tell If Parts are Clean with Dyne Testing and More

Do you know this trick to telling if you have a clean part that’s ready to paint? Watch this video to see how it’s done and learn a few other tricks to test part cleanliness. Our resident surface pretreatment expert, Phil, shows you several ways to make sure you have a clean part that’s ready […]