The Solution Squad Solves Your Industrial Coatings Issues

Circle-Prosco has been solving the gnarliest manufacturing problems for over 50 years.

Seen it. Solved it.

At CPI we have a history of looking for trouble. It’s why we’re the best kept secret of some of the biggest brands on the planet. When things go wrong — the kind of things you need to fix fast and solve for good — our phone rings.

If MacGyver was a chemist, he’d work for us. Circle-Prosco has been solving the gnarliest manufacturing problems for 50 years. When fixing the problem is your only option, call our Solution Squad.

ISO/IATF-16949 certified since 1998.

IATF 16949 Certificate

The Solution Squad

Morgan Fraga

Director of Customer Service & Solutions

Director of Customer Service and Solutions at Circle-Prosco. She has been passionate about process optimization since she presented a Taguchi method experiment to optimize pie crust as her fifth-grade science fair project.

Jeff Blain of Circle-Prosco Inc.

Jeff Blain

Regional Manager

Regional Manager at Circle-Prosco. Resourceful manufacturing nut that loves to meet new people, learn about their processes, and develop creative solutions to move them forward. His kids call him MacGyver for a reason, and as you can see it’s not about the mullet!

Erik Reinhart

Senior Account Manager

Senior Account Manager for Circle-Prosco with a focus in the appliance and agricultural equipment industries. He has learned that once you enter the coatings industry, you just never leave it, but instead spend your time gathering experience and knowledge with the hope that one day you can transfer that knowledge to others.

Marcell Carter

Quality Control Technician

Marcell Carter is a Quality Control Technician at Circle-Prosco, Inc. His proficiency and skills in the lab help the company easily maintain quality assurance throughout the industrial coating, heat exchanger lubricant, and HVAC lubricant production process. Marcell graduated from John Marshall in Chicago and spends his free time doing automotive maintenance and detailing.

Mike Pypiak

Key Account Manager

Key Account Manager for Circle-Prosco responsible for business development and technical service, focusing on chemical pretreatment. A decade of hands-on experience serving a variety of industries enables him to be an asset to his customers. Whether it is creating ways to reduce operating costs or troubleshooting on the line, Mike can guide you through the process.

Bill Morton

Product Application Manager

Bill Morton is the Production Application Manager at Circle-Prosco, Inc. He is a CPI product expert; using his vast knowledge of our products and excellent technical service to guide new clients to select the right products for their application. He works with clients to ensure they get excellent training and troubleshooting in the use of CPI industrial coating, heat exchanger lubricant, and HVAC lubricant products and helps them use those products appropriately and efficiently. He has a Bachelor of Science from Wheaton College and enjoys bicycle riding, hiking, reading, traveling, and seeing family in his free time.

Perry Landers

Project Manager – Polymers

Perry Landers is a Product Manager in Lubricants at Circle-Prosco, Inc. His expertise in lubricants and rust preventatives contributes to the creation of a variety of products. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and enjoys golf and gardening in his free time.

Rashid Zakeri

Senior Principal Scientist

Rashid Zakeri is a Sr. Principal Scientist at Circle-Prosco, Inc. His leadership and guidance in the research and development of our industrial coating, heat exchanger lubricant, and HVAC lubricant products is key to the success of his tech team. He is an expert in materials/surface science. He has a Master of Science from Southern Illinois University and from Indiana University. He spends his spare time enjoying life with his family.

Phil Kelley

Technical Service Manager

Phil Kelley is the Technical Service Manager at Circle-Prosco, Inc. He is a technical service expert, specializing in finishing line operation and management. He uses his expertise to help clients problem solve line issues and improve production efficiency. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan and takes joy in recording and playing music in his free time.

Mike Thomas

Senior Technical Support Representative

Mike Thomas is a Sr. Technical Support Representative at Circle-Prosco, Inc. His extensive knowledge of electrodeposition coatings, powder and liquid coatings, metal surface pretreatment, and application equipment is what makes him great at his work. He has over 30 years of experience in the finishing field, proving he is an excellent resource and problem solver. He went to San Jose State University and the University of Akron for business administration. In his free time, he works on cars and other mechanical projects and runs a hobby farm.

Chris Landvay

Product Development Chemist

Chris Landvay is a Product Development Scientist at Circle-Prosco, Inc. His knowledge and experience as well as his expertise in biochemistry are important factors that further product development and maintain profitable and efficient processes. He has a Bachelor of Science from Oakland University and enjoys sports, cars, and spending time with his family.

Clement Anyadiegwu

Senior Product Development Chemist

Clement Anyadiegwu is a Sr. Product Development Chemist at Circle-Prosco, Inc. His expertise in formulation, synthesis, and testing plays a key role in developing new production processes and making modifications to existing processes to improve efficiency and profitability. He has a Master of Science in Chemistry from the Polytechnic Institute of New York University and enjoys biking, running, swimming, and playing tennis in his free time.

Savanah Craig

Chemist Technician

Savanah Craig is a Chemist Technician in Lubricants at Circle-Prosco, Inc. Her work in the lab helps to maintain an excellent standard of operation. Her expertise in chemistry and sustainability makes her a valuable member of the tech team. She has a bachelor’s degree from Indiana State University. She is involved in rescuing animals and enjoys gaming and hiking in her free time.

Kasinath Nayak

Senior Product Lubricant Manager

Kas Nayak is a Sr. Product Manager in Lubricants at Circle-Prosco, Inc. His vast knowledge of polymer/plastics, lubricants, and metal working fluids contributes to the creation of a wide range of valuable products. He has a Ph.D. in Physical / Polymer Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati. He finds joy in yoga and meditation and likes fishing and travel.

Rosa Hunt

Chemist Technician

Rosa Hunt is a Chemist Technician at Circle-Prosco, Inc. Her expertise in chemistry and lubricants makes her a valuable part of the chemist team. She has a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from Indiana University and enjoys cooking, painting, skating, and gaming in her free time.

Customer Services

Contact the Solution Squad. We will conduct a line audit to predict savings, recommend changeover requirements, examine your parts and specs, recommend exact parameters for your application, and produce test parts for evaluation.

If CPI meets your test requirements, we will set up a production trial in your facility and will work closely with your team to achieve your production specifications.

Our Solution Squad will then fully support your transition to full scale production, optimizing your process. And we will be with you for the long term.

Circle Prosco Solution Squad


Off the shelf solutions letting you down? We’re here to help. CPI has a history of developing customized chemistry to solve specific customer problems.


Full analytical and R&D laboratories to get you the answers you need, root cause analysis to direct your troubleshooting efforts, and new solutions to drive conspicuous improvement.


Trials don’t have to kill your productivity. We can run offline trials at your location using our spray chambers, or get your production line in and out of trial and back up and running before you can say, “Impressive!” Our Solution Squad has the tools and know how to get you answers you need without the typical hassles.

Launch Support

The Solution Squad supports line clean out, launch, and debug to ensure you never miss a beat. We quickly dial in your line performance and train your operators so that you achieve your performance and quality KPI’s. We stay until your process is stable and your team is confident.

Continuous Improvement

We love this stuff! Our chemistry geeks stay engaged with your team, to keep you on the cutting edge. Whether it’s an onsite line audit, troubleshooting call, or full-blown process improvement collaboration, our Solution Squad is committed to keeping your process optimized and you looking good.

Peace of Mind

Our founder, Conrad Kuzma built a culture around customer driven innovation. He understood that we are only successful when we solve the problems our customers care most about. Solving customer problems is what we do. Don’t believe us, see what our customers have to say