Ready to make the switch from copper to all aluminum heat exchangers?

Don’t compromise – use a lubricant specifically designed to meet the challenges of your complex HVAC manufacturing process.

Not all lubricants are the same. We should know. We pioneered expansion lubricants specifically designed to expand aluminum tubing used in tube & fin heat exchangers.

Expansion Lubricants & Application Services

Our proprietary products and applications are specially formulated to be compatible with flame brazing and all downstream processes. We set the standard in expansion lubricants from the beginning, and we continue to partner with the industry as a whole and advise on ASHRAE committees.

Fin Stamping Lubricants

CPI offers the most reliable fin stamping lubricants for customer application.

CPI Lubricants pass testing for ASHRAE 97,
ASTM E-1868Loss on Drying by Thermogravimetry(VOC Rest) &
ASTM D-5725 Surface Wettability (Hydrophilicity) Measurement.