Frustration-free paint lines

Steelcote™ pretreatment delivers superior paint adhesion without sludge or hazardous waste.

Outstanding paint performance should be frustration-free.

Plant managers need reliable paint processes that meet high performance standards, without sacrificing uptime, our environment, or safety. Let’s face it, paint department managers are asked to do the impossible. You are expected to deliver continuous improvement to customers, management, and regulators all while managing cost and meeting ever stricter environmental standards.

Steelcote™ Zirconium-based pretreatment delivers superior paint adhesion and corrosion resistance without the sludge or hazardous waste of traditional phosphate systems. Imagine running a pretreatment process that will pass all of your test specifications, eliminate hazardous cleanouts, and keep the environment phosphate and heavy metal-free. Rust-free, risky cleanout-free, hazardous waste-free. Steelcote™ truly is the frustration-free pretreatment solution.

Here’s how we deliver on ‘frustration-free’.

Paint department managers are in a constant battle of trade-offs.

Phosphates in your pretreatment, and even the ones hiding in your cleaner, require dangerous cleanouts.

Steelcote™ pretreatment meets your toughest specs with a simplified user-friendly process. Guaranteed.

Circle-Prosco developed a unique, absolutely phosphate-free, heavy metal-free, zirconium chemistry that’s currently being used successfully in many of the largest manufacturing facilities.

How much is max uptime worth?

Imagine a completely phosphate–free, zirconium pretreatment product that has no environmental concerns, no hazardous cleanouts, is easy to control, and meets your toughest specifications every day.

Fewer stages improves performance while lowering costs.

01. Superior cleaning

We formulate a custom cleaner to thoroughly clean the parts.

02. Save Water

Our cleaners and conversion coatings rinse easily using city water in a single stage.

03. Steelcote™ protection

Steelcote™ ensures your part will pass the toughest tests.

04. High Performance

Steelcote™ is operationally stable and sludge-free.

Process saves water, energy, and bath maintenance

What our clients are saying

CPI consistently has the products we need, and if they don’t, they provide a solution.

Ian Eicher, Director of Operations and Engineering, Yinlun TDI