Case Study

Uneven Automotive Paint Line Spraying Stalls Production

Unable to identify the cause of uneven automotive paint line spraying, the customer turned to our CPI Solution Squad. Our experts conducted a series of process audits which led to the development of an action plan that helped get the line running again and avoid millions in lost production.




Paint Line


United States


An unknown issue at an automotive part plant was causing air lines to clump and spray unevenly, driving an increase in labor and parts for each part that didn’t pass the quality check.


The CPI Solution Squad tested the air line off the production line and found it acted like a water hose. This caused the powder booth to be cooled, but the rest of the shop was not, resulting in condensation in the lines.


The Solution Squad added dessicant dryers at the point of use, eliminating the problem and resolving the automotive paint line issue.

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