Case Study

Epoxy Gel Issue Causes Paint Delamination

Issues with epoxy gel processes were causing customer downtime and unsatisfactory product results. Our engineers were able to improve the process and provide a robust solution that eliminated all gel process issues.






United States


Our automotive customer was experiencing issues with epoxy gel processes causing paint delamination, which were producing unusable parts and slowing production times. Their customers were frustrated with slow production times and seeking alternative sources.


The CPI Solution Squad found that the fpm line speed needed to be slowed. This was due to a loading door being opened at the time the line was running, which was sucking heat out of the oven, causing paint delamination.


The Solution Squad redesigned the line and moved the powder booths and dry off oven. They also changed the conveyor, and added an Air Force 1 blow off system, resulting in the line rate getting back up to 9.0 fpm, and eliminating all gel process issues.  Speed to market issues were resolved with the improvement in production line times.

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