Case Study

EPA Permitting hurdles and worker safety complaints

Costs, complaints, and operation safety are three of the most critical facets of any business – especially in the high-pressure broadcasting industry. Through our implementation of SC 5010 phosphate free pretreatment, our customer was able to reduce EPA permitting requirements, increase operator safety and consistently meet performance testing specifications.


TV & Radio Broadcasting


Steelcote™ Pretreatment


Quincy, Illinois


Our customer was incurring high water and chemical costs, facing EPA permitting hurdles and several worker safety complaints. In addition, they were experiencing inconsistent performance testing.


The CPI Solution Squad implemented SC 5010 phosphate free pretreatment to decrease the use of the customer’s chemical tanks. The Squad also provided full technical support and created processes to meet EPA permitting requirements.


Through these actions, the customer’s EPA permitting requirements were cut by 50% and operational times were raised by 40%.  In addition overall operator safety increased and performance testing specifications are now met on a consistent basis.

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