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On-site with Sioux Steel to improve wash-line efficiencies and reduce operational costs

“It was difficult, dirty work, but through it all, because of it all, the CPI team learned our equipment and the intimate details of our pretreatment process. That type of knowledge is hard won, yet it is exactly what equips the Solution Squad with the insights required to solve our problems and to optimize our process.” – Brendon Plantenberg, Manufacturing Engineering Tech, Sioux Steel Company






Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Sioux Steel needed to improve efficiencies in their pretreatment wash line and engaged Circle Prosco’s Solution Squad to develop a plan to identify cost savings opportunities.


First, CPI and Sioux Steel teams jointly developed a detailed plan to account for the client’s unique process and schedule details.  Subsequently, 6 members of the Solution Squad, which included chemists, quality technicians, technical service reps, product and commercial managers, donned Tyveks suits, got into Sioux Steel tanks and spent 4 days giving the wash line a deep clean to set up for launch. 


The Solution Squad was able to identify several areas for improvement.

  • Additional operational savings via reduced reverse osmosis (RO) water use
  • Changes to extend equipment life
  • Proactive optimization against flash rust


“The hours in the tanks also demonstrated to us the depths of CPI’s commitment to ensuring our success. The result was a flawless startup. I am sure that all finishing lines do not always start up so smoothly, but I can say that the Squad does the “dirty work” to maximize the chances that they will.

I appreciate the consistent effort and dedication CPI’s team has demonstrated to improve our paint line. Circle-Prosco showcases commendable knowledge, business ethics, and prioritizes customer satisfaction. CPI’s Solution Squad effectively managed the integration of our new chemical, exceeded our expectations, and brought our wash system to a new standard. Thanks CPI!” – Brendon Plantenberg, Manufacturing Engineering Tech, Sioux Steel Company

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