Case Study

Problem Resolution Improves Speed to Market

Speed to market is critical for pharmaceutical companies, and multiple testing and material handling issues can significantly impede progress. Our innovative processes and experienced team quickly resolved these issues for our customer, allowing them to reduce costs and free up skilled employees to work on other projects.


Appliance Manufacturer




Ohio, United States


The customer was experiencing multiple production line problems.  These included difficulty in passing detergent test specifications and several material handling issues.  In addition, an entire tote of cleaner was dumped into the Steelcote™ bath and the customer was also finding impact failures on certain substrate under powder.


The CPI Solution Squad developed a more robust Zirconium pretreatment for specific testing, in addition to a concentrated cleaner to reduce totes. This resulted in the bath meeting specifications. The Squad also performed a root cause analysis to identify the cure issue with the powder vendor and the need to increase oven temperatures.


The Solution Squad migrated the customer to environmentally friendly Zirconium and away from Zinc phosphate. Employees were freed up to work on other projects and more floor storage space was created.  In addition, the customer was able to save costs by preserving the existing bath.

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